Saturday, January 12, 2013

Before and After: Basement Guest Bedroom

My clients asked me to do an English-inspired guest room out of a catch-all basement bedroom.  The husband asked for something that would remind him a bit of his native England, with heavy emphasis on blue, his school color from his days at Oxford.  Um.  Okay.  Soooooo up my alley.

I chose to go monochromatic and more masculine than what I did for their carriage house last year.  The room is not done yet, but here's a peek.

We started here...

Adding grasscloth, furniture, carpeting, roman shade and a herringbone patterned bedding, we are now here...



That angled wall, above, will have a gorgeous 72" mirror, framed in a crackled, antique gold finish over some exposed wood.  It will work magic to open up this cozy space.

The brass lamp, above, will be replaced by antique brass, wall-mounted swing arm lamps on either side of the headboard (everything will move a bit to the left to accommodate them).

The budget for the adjoining bathroom was not huge, but we were able to tie it in with some effective changes...

Here it is now...

The new wall color, vanity, light, and rug have made a huge difference (in person!).

So, here's a horrifying story for you...we were originally only doing paint, rug, and accessories in the bathroom.  Well, I made the brilliant suggestion that perhaps a great new mirror would get things looking more connected to the new bedroom.  Here's where I died.  The contractor, taking down the mirror, hits the light fixture, chips it, the mirror brakes and ruins the existing vanity.  "Don't worry," says my client, "we should really be doing a new vanity and light anyway."  Sure.  That made me feel like a million bucks.  Or not. (They are the nicest people.)  If that weren't enough, the tile floor wasn't finished under the vanity, and OF COURSE the new vanity didn't cover up this gap in the floor.  So yes, new tiles and grout under the new vanity.

The mirror that came with the new vanity will be staying.  Goes without saying  :-/

The adjacent kitchenette also got a makeover with paint and a new rug.  The furniture was all removed, as I suggested we take an antique amoire from another room and put it along the wall for much needed clothing storage for guests.

These rooms are not finished yet, but since I'm impatient and didn't want to wait, I thought I'd post them.  The bedroom needs some serious styling, and there will soon be a gorgeous monogrammed pillow on the bed for a pop of color, and some art on the walls.

I hope from the projects I show that you might, somewhere along the way, pick up an idea that might work in your home.  And if you ever want help in your home, just email me.

Talk to you soon,


Karen said...

It's all looking great! Hope you'll post the finished spaces :)

Marlis said...

Sorry about the mishap, but oh the outcome is fabulous. Loving how good style never goes out of style. You did a fabulous job and I know they are loving this new space. xo marlis

An Urban Cottage said...

What a big difference; the grasscloth works wonders to warm up the space. I totally love that headboard, Like the brass lamp too. I'd keep it.

What a neat basement. It's like a hotel suite.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love the grass cloth and the whole theme of the room....boy, what a nightmare with the mirror....thank God you had nice clients! It looks amazing and they must be thrilled!

Nancy said...

Your guest room is perfection! I love the grasscloth on the walls that is so cozy and elegant. The window looks fantastic and the mirror sounds like the perfect addition to the space. Any guest would love to stay there.
xo Nancy

Holly said...

This looks fantastic Carol - way to go. I love that headboard and how that whole room just warms up with the addition of the grasscloth. Also really like that you brought in the armoire in the kitchenette too.

Carla Aston said...

So gorgeous, Carol. I love the carpet, it has just the right amount of pattern for the space. And your monogrammed pillow will be perfect. Beautiful job!

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

Very pretty. Love the color scheme. And bath looks so much more updated!

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