Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cowtan&Tout's Fall Line and Some Art

When fabric reps come in to show their new lines, it's like Christmas to me, every time.  Yesterday, Stacy Mangia from the Martin Group, out of the Boston Design Center, brought us Cowtan & Tout's fall line.  Can I tell you all I did was gasp?

Honestly, my images are totally crappy and do no justice to the fabrics (camera phone and poor lighting).   That aside, the embroidered fabrics like this above are so stunning in person, there are no words (I am a textile FREAK).  The threads are thick and lush, and most of the grounds are linen.

In blogland, so many solids and prints on cotton are shown that it may seem that gorgeous, intricate and beautifully crafted fabrics aren't used any more.  Soooo not true.  Yes, they come with a price tag.  But in small doses, like pillows, luxury design becomes totally affordable.

My frustration with photo quality is extreme, as this in person is so gorgeous I wanted to wear it!  The design is all embroidered and the dots are raised embroidery. 

The one below is a recolorization of an older design.  It is a linen, and the colors are so vibrant and rich in person.  I have to have some of the one that has the cream background at the bottom right of the image. 

This one above is a cotton/jute combination with the softest hand.  Perfect for stunning chair, with pillows on it from some of the other fabrics.  If you ever see a fabric on my blog that you can't live without, let me know.  I can certainly get it for you.

In other news, my girls have been doing some more of what comes naturally...

I'm thinking about adding some of their artwork, from time to time, for sale in my up-coming online  shop.  I'm looking for some feedback -- do you think there is a market for it?  (Reasonably priced, of course, and not necessarily animals). 

And, speaking of my online shop, I hope to be open at the beginning of November.  I can't WAIT to offer my pillows in the some of the most gorgeous fabrics I've been collecting.  Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend,


Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love their fabric, they are one of my favorite lines. Your daughters art work is incredible. You have to frame them and use them. I'm so impressed!

A Delightful Design said...

Holy wow! Those fabrics are to die for. I would take any of them in my home!

Nancy Crosby said...

Can't wait for the online store!!

Holly said...

Hi Carol! I really love the fretwork fabric that you've shown here. And I certainly think you could do well selling your daughter's works. I do believe that it is a personal decision, the purchase of art, but once you start spreading the word and the people that know you will be interested. I certainly appreciate knowing where my products are coming from directly and supporting independent and whenever possible local artists. I say go for it!

Karena said...

Carol these luxurious fabrics ARE works of art! I love the first, the paisley and that embroidery!

I would love to see your daughters works of art in you shop and am very excited to see the pillows!

Art by Karena

Carla Aston | said...

Beautiful fabrics...Hope I can use some of these in one of my projects. My fav is the link/dot pattern! Your daughters' art is fantastic! Would definitely include it in your shop... Horses are an especially popular theme... there is a peacefulness about them.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I have fabric love! What rich fabrics! I could look through fabrics all day! Beautiful textiles and wonderful quality!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Those fabrics are stunning. Your girls' artwork is so good. Yes, you should sell some and what a great feeling that will give them.

Stacy Curran said...

I have to have that second one! SO gorgeous!!

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